It’s too early in the week to feel nostalgic about things that happened to someone else, but then Melissa Etheridge just came out with a new video, so if we must. At 53, Etheridge is at the peak of her career, has more two Grammys and an Oscar, 15 albums and has built up a name as a performer and activist. So when she wants to take a look back, there’s a lot that could go into that video.

Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge has a really long Memory Lane to walk down.

At the beginning of the video we see Etheridge playing her guitar in a room – it really helps to think of it as an old attic – with all her accomplishments. There are awards, video footage projected on the wall, photos and all those things people typically save from their golden years and never look at twice.

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It’s a neat idea, especially since the song refers to an old acquaintance from Melissa’s school days. And if the lyric “You shouldn't be alone where all you want to do is think/So take my number, or I can take you home,” doesn’t make you cry, the rest of the song probably will. It’s adorable/sad/nostalgic/beautiful and especially appropriate for those moments of quiet reflection, of which Etheridge has apparently had many recently.

Watch the video for Take My Number here


Ahead of her latest album, This Is M.E., Etheridge explained the concept (or lack thereof) in an interview with Lehigh Valley Music. She said the album was inspired by “life itself, right now. And thoughts and the wonderful relationship I’m in and my family and my dreams and hopes and the world. Everything is inspiring and pushing those things forward, and just the joy of making music. It’s stronger than ever.”

Melissa’s next show will be on August 26 in Denver and This Is M.E. is out on September 30 for her new label ME Records. See what she did there?