Melissa George has given birth to her first son.

The 'Good Wife' actress and her boyfriend Jean-David Blanc welcomed baby Raphaël into the world on Thursday (06.02.14) and the 37-year-old beauty couldn't be happier.

She announced the news on twitter yesterday (10.02.14), writing: ''Welcome to the world! Our beautiful son just born at the American hospital of Paris.

''There are no words to describe the love.''

The 'Alias' actress previously revealed she fell for the French entrepreneur instantly when they met in 2012 and always knew he'd make a great father.

She said: ''It's a cliché that when you know, you know, but it was kind of effortless. When I met Jean-David, it just evolved into an extension of our love. It's absolutely the greatest news because we're so right for each other.

''It was love at first sight. We knew, instantly. Everything else went away. Everything went quiet.''

Melissa was married to Chilean director Claudio Dabed until for 11 years until they split in 2011, but says she's not ruled out a wedding with 45-year-old Jean-David in the future.

She added: ''I'd [get married] again in a heartbeat. I don't think 'because it didn't work out the first time, it won't work out.' When you have a baby together, it's something that would be an extension.''