To say that the critics have given Identity Theft a hard time would be, well, completely fair. They didn't enjoy it, and the reviews show that, but will the audiences be drawn in by Melissa McCarthy's performance?

Well, with only 25% accumulated so far on Rotten Tomatoes - and that's from 100 reviews - no one involved in the film should be awaiting any nominations, apart from maybe McCarthy. "Preposterous, goofy and a clear ripoff of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Identity still manages to make off with just enough laughs to work, thanks to the wondrous McCarthy, one of the few actresses in Hollywood allowed to showcase her wit and charisma as much as her physique," say USA Today in an article dedicated to praising the Comedy Actress. CNN were equally doting of McCarthy, saying, "Even with all its shortcomings and sentimental fudges, there is something about McCarthy's refusal to lie down and play the victim that gives it a comic edge. A blunt edge, to be sure, but an edge all the same."

So it's clear that McCarthy steals the show, but the film as a whole won't be enjoyed for years to come, unless it manages to forge a cult status, which, let's be honest, it wont. Identity Theft opened in America last night (Feb, 8) but U.K audiences will have to sit tight until March 22nd to get the chance to see it. And it'll probably an easy wait.