While promoting her new movie Tammy, Melissa McCarthy stopped by 'Chelsea Lately' earlier this week and revealed how a jet ski accident on set managed to leave her $9,000 out of pocket.

Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy stars as the lead in Tammy

McCarthy told the E! chat show host that the incident occurred during a test run of the film’s scene where the comedienne’s character rides a jet ski. "We weren't actually shooting yet, we were just doing a test," McCarthy explained. "It's hard to shoot on water because everything's moving… so we did a test and I'm like, 'Isn't it a great idea if I'm in full wig and costume? Because if we shoot some stuff, maybe it's usable.'"

Initially it all seemed to be going well and McCarthy was even impressing herself with how capable she was on the jet ski. "I'm like, 'I'm kind of amazing at this,' because I'm really a couple steps ahead,” she said. Adding, "I don't really know how to ride a jet ski—I've never been on one before. The stunt coordinator is telling me, 'give it a little more gas,' and he said at the end, 'really dig into the curve.'"

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But McCarthy misheard her instruction and instead though he was telling her to go faster and dig in. “I literally cranked it up. I'm going like 45 miles per hour, thinking, 'Oh, god, I'm not skilled. I shouldn't be doing this. But the camera's getting it, so maybe it'll look good and we're ahead of schedule,” she explained. McCarthy then took things a step further when she decide to ‘dig in’, eventually flipping the ski, which had been going at over 45mph.

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"I don't remember ever leaving it. All of a sudden, I literally was like, 'I'm in water,'" she added. "I didn't know if I was up or down.” But amidst the chaos McCarthy remembered that she’d been wearing her $9,000 Tammy wig the whole time! “I thought, 'Holy god, I've got that wig on,” the actress said. “We don't have a huge budget and a wig's like $9,000… I felt for the wig, which, by the way, had like 35 pins in it -- you couldn't rip it off my head -- gone." 

Melissa McCarthyTammy is currently in theatres

Still McCarthy managed to see a silver lining, after all, that’s going to look pretty great on film. "Everybody was freaking out because I hit so hard and I was like, 'But at least we got it!'" she said. But unfortunately for McCarthy it turns out the cameras weren't actually rolling, oops. Still at least it all made for a great chat show anecdote, albeit one which cost the actress $9,000.