Ok, so you know how there are never any workout clothes for plus-size women? That actually fit well? Well, Melissa McCarthy is about to change all of that. The comedienne, who has, in her own words “gone through every size on the planet”  is launching her own fashion line, starting with casual sportswear, this fall.

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy has a vision and she wants to share it with the world.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, McCarthy is collaborating with  with Gerard Guez’s Sunrise Brands to create a fashion line, including accessories and beauty products for women.

McCarthy’s statement announcing the brand kind of makes my heart grow two sizes, so here’s what she said: “I have experience dressing me as a 6, a 12 and more. And when you go above a size 12, you don’t lose your love of fashion.”

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So what’s the line all about? The collection will launch with sportswear in fall 2015, but there’s already a plan to expand it with more upscale items, including jewellery and clothing, all under the Sunrise brand.

Fun fact : McCarthy actually has extensive credentials in the fashion business. Before finding her niche as an actress/comedienne, she actually trained as a designer.

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She originally moved from Illinois to NYC to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was there that she met footwear designer Brian Atwood, who redirected her.

“He made me do stand-up, not finish college at FIT,” she said.

And look where that got her.