In The Boss Melissa McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, a character she first created 15 years ago when she was a member of comedy group The Groundlings. While the film provides plenty of laughs, there’s one scene audiences won’t forget in a hurry, McCarthy’s ‘boob fight’ with Kristen Bell.

Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy stars in The Boss.

McCarthy and Bell had surprisingly never worked together before The Boss. But the two were very familiar with each other, as McCarthy knew Bell’s husband Dax Shepard from her Groundlings days.

“Kristen Bell is a real, real dreamboat,” McCarthy said. “We just hit it off immediately. She’s super crazy funny and crazy nice.” In the film Bell plays McCarthy’s assistant, who takes her in after she spends a year in prison for insider trading.

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But initially things aren’t very harmonious between the two ladies and at one point they have what McCarthy describes as ‘the whole bra lollapalooza fight scene’. “When we wrote it we were like ‘How far will we go? Will Kristen want to go that far?’ and then she was like ‘Oh lets get into it’,” McCarthy said.

“Then Ben (Falcone, director) made us both have a snack and get our blood sugar up and we both got a little feisty and just really went for it.” The fight has to be seen to be believed and even McCarthy couldn't believe they were actually doing it on film.

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“At one point i was laughing so hard because I had the same thought of, ‘Oh my god we’re actually doing this on camera, I don't know if I've ever seen this before’. I’m quite sure I've not seen some kind of boob fight that wasn’t supposed to be slap and tickle.”

“No we’re just kind of mauling each other, like if two bears just met and only went at each others boobs,” the actress added. The Boss, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell, hits theatres on April 2st.

Watch the trailer for The Boss below: