Funny woman Melissa McCarthy has f-bombed her way onto the big screen with another hilarious performance, this time in new action comedy movie, Spy.

Melissa McCarthy plays an unlikely CIA operative in, Spy

Playing a CIA analyst in her new flick, McCarthy's character is unaccustomed to the day-to-day life of an operative out on the road and rarely sees the action from the comfort of her cosy office.

Cue hilarity when she volunteers herself as the newest member of the field team attempting to uncover the location of a nuclear weapon.

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The newly released trailer does not give too much away except the general premise of the plot and an introduction to the characters of which McCarthy is unlikely heroine Susan Cooper, Rose Byrne is the evil villain, Jude Law is a wannabe James Bond and Jason Statham is, well, Jason Statham.

Written and directed by Paul Feig, who took the helm for the very funny and very successful Bridesmaids, McCarthy puts in a very worthy performance with lots of profanity NSFW jokes.

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But the big question is: can her character Susan Cooper prove herself to her sniggering team and will the audience be allowed a minute's gasp for breath between giggles while she does it?

The film hits the cinemas in the US on 22 May 2015 but, if you want a sneak peak, you can catch the trailer here.