Former Melrose Place star Amy Locane has been sentenced to three years in prison for vehicular homicide.

The actress allegedly struck another vehicle as it turned into a driveway in Montgomery, New Jersey in June, 2010, critically injuring the driver, Fred Seeman, and killing his wife, Helen, who was in the passenger's seat.

Locane was arrested after cops detected alcohol on her breath and she was later charged was aggravated manslaughter and assault by automobile.

She pleaded not guilty to both counts in 2011, but last November (12) she was convicted on charges of the latter and vehicular homicide.

She was facing 15 years behind bars, but on Thursday (14Feb13) the judge granted Locane leniency when handing down her sentence, since the actress has two children, one with medical and mental disabilities, according to the Associated Press.

The news prompted Fred and his son to storm out of the courtroom in anger, with the widower shouting, "What a travesty!"