Review of Tennis Court Single by Menace Beach

Having been seriously thrilling their respective fans with a series of EPs since they got together in 2012, Leeds rock supergroup Menace Beach are finally on their way with a debut album. With members including Ryan Needham of Komakino, Liza Violet of Department M,  Nestor Matthews of Sky Larkin,  MJ of Hookworms and Matt Spalding of You Animals, it's no wonder their new co-project has caused such a stir, and with taster single 'Tennis Court' out now, the album may not disappoint.

Menace Beach Tennis Court Single

The first impression you get when listening to 'Tennis Court' is that this is standard indie-rock; the simple but groovy low-fi riff makes the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth spring to mind. For the most part, the song just lightly drifts along as you nod along with it, but it throws in a few bursts of unexpected scratchy feedback and a wiry keyboard solo. The chorus is pleasantly catchy with the childishly sung, 'I'm a tennis court with nothing in it, you can rent a car, but I can win it' hookline. The lyrics don't make a lot of sense necessarily, but they're fun to sing along to in a 'doesn't have to mean anything' sort of way.

While 'Tennis Court' is far from ground breaking, it's a solid, enjoyable 2-3 minutes of indie-rock that you'll really like if you're into the classic 90s branch of the genre.


Max Cussons

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