Meredith Vieira, the 57-year-old American journalist, shed a tear as she made her final 'Today Show' appearance this morning (8th June 2011). Meredith Vieira officially signed off from NBC's news show after nearly five years alongside fellow host Matt Lauer.
Meredith spoke of the bittersweet feeling upon leaving the show, saying, "I know it's right, but it's hard". As her husband Richard and the family dog Jasper watched on at the New York studio, Vieira said, "It's been a privilege working with you over these past five years and I know the folks at home have enjoyed starting their day with you. It has been a great ride". Lauer then introduced a clip reel of the journalist's best 'Today Show' moments. The 57-year-old has made no official statement concerning her future, but she is expected to spend more time with her family. Newsreader Ann Curry, who will replace Vieira on the show, tweeted earlier today, saying, "Already emotional at 7:01am on the Today show on Meredith's last day. She is a woman to Love".
Meredith Vieira, who also hosts 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire', began her career as a co-anchor on CBS Morning News in 1992. She later moved to ABC as a correspondent on the news show 'Turning Points', before joining the 'The View' in 1997.