Metallica's Lars Ulrich's sons have formed a new rock duo.

The 'Enter Sandman' drummer's offspring, Myles Ulrich, 23, is on drums, and his brother, Layne, 20, plays bass and vocals in Taipei Houston.

The 57-year-old thrash metal legend - who also has 14-year-old Bryce with Danish actress Connie Nielsen - took to Instagram to share a clip of the long-haired rockers jamming to plug his and ex-wife Skylar Satenstein's sons' new venture.

He wrote: "Check it out… "A couple dudes named Ulrich…

"Their new band is @taipei_houston… #wanna



So far, the pair have just shared a couple of videos of them performing their material, but they've teased that new music is coming soon.

They wrote on their Instagram Story on the band's page: "Thank you everyone for the love on the video(s). We are overwhelmed. More soon."

Meanwhile, Lars recently admitted he doesn't like listening to Metallica's music

The 'Nothing Else Matters' rocker doesn't delve into the band's back catalogue because he ends up overanalysing the technical side of the recordings.

He explained: "I don't listen to a lot of Metallica music. Part of it is because I'm sort of overly analytical [about the details].

"It's basically almost impossible for me to listen to a Metallica song without going, 'Okay, how are the sonics, how's the mix, how does the guitar sound? The vocals are too loud, the bass is too boomy.' It becomes this exercise in analytics.

"When you hear your favourite band -- like if I listened to Rage Against the Machine or something, I just fucking let myself go. But when Metallica comes on it's like, 'Huh?' ".