Metallica rocked out and geeked out at this years San Diego Comic Con International this weekend when they performed a surprise show at the California gathering, where they also aired a clip from their upcoming movie Through the Never and also answered fan's questions in an intimate Q&A session. The trailer (which you can see below) is the follow-up to the teaser trailer they released earlier this year and gives fans their first look at what we can expect from the film, which apparently won't be 'whining through therapy 2.'

Metallica want to do something different when they release their concert film

The band were one of the first major names to take to Comic Con when they chaired a panel on Friday (July 19), with Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo joining up to discuss director Nimród Antal’s 3D picture.

The film, they promised, will be more than just your average live performance movie and will feature more depth and something resembling a storyline when it is released later this year. It will follow a delivery boy (played by Dane DeHaan) who gets caught up in a clash between rioters and police whilst Metallica perform at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Yes, thats right, the film will try to make us believe that Canada could have riots at some point.

"The film itself is multilayered. It’s not blatant. It doesn’t tell you what it’s supposed to be," lead singer and guitarist Hetfield told the Comic-Con audience. "Hopefully you can see it more than once and see something different every time. And not just a week later, but a couple years later."

Through the Never arrives in cinemas across the US on September 27 with a one-week IMAX run in North America.

James Hetfield