Metallica's action music movie, Metallica Through The Never, is smashing into IMAX theaters today in the USA and is preparing to blast wannabe concert documentaries (cough-OneDirection-cough) out of the stadium with a mind-blowing mash-up of pure metal riffage, a lean action story, plenty of fire, and that kid from Chronicle, AKA Dane DeHaan.

Metallica Through The Never
Metallica Pose With Actor Dane DeHaan [Centre], Star Of The Movie.

DeHaan plays Trip, a Metallica roadie, who is sent out on a mission to retrieve something the band needs from a stranded vehicle. However, Trip's road to quest completion is littered with rioters, police fights, forests of hanging bodies and much doomier details. Meanwhile, Metallica kick into a greatest hits show and all is well and rockin' until their signature pyrotechnics, special effects and microphones begin to fail. The surreal plotline sees Trip freed from his nightmare of road accidents and death-dealing horsemen and back to his roadie ways.

Watch The Metallica Through The Never Trailer:

The movie shares its name with Metallica's song 'Through The Never' from their 1991 eponymous album and the concert clips shown are weaved together from gig footage filmed throughout August 2012. After premiering at this month's Toronto International Film Festival, the movie first opens in the USA's IMAX theaters today (27th September) upon the anniversary of former bassist Cliff Burton's death.

There has also been an accompanying soundtrack compilation released which includes Metallica mega-hits 'One,' 'Ride The Lightning,' 'Enter Sandman' and 'Master of Puppets.' Additionally a documentary will also detail the impressive creation of the movie, entitled Hits the Lights: The Making of Metallica Through the Never.

Prepare For A Rock 'N' Roll Movie Like No Other.

Speaking about the movies surreal plotline, director Nimród Antal (Predators) explained, "Quite a few of us kind of became Trip trying to bring this to fruition. Because there were so many challenges, there were so many obstacles that we had to overcome."

Forbes is suitably impressed with the scope of the world's first 3D action/music rock drama, saying "Metallica Through the Never speaks to anybody who works in a dynamic volatile environment, where things can go wrong fast, plans fail and the very viability of an enterprise is under threat."

Markus Kavka
The Movie Tolls A New Era Of Hybrid Rockumentary-Making.

Tyler Kicera, a director of design, said in awe "I've never seen anything in an arena rock and roll show that has had that level of potential risk and unpredictability," referring to the live use of tesla coils; creating lightning on stage so the audience actually feel like they're "riding the lightning."

"We like to be adventurous creatively," explained Kirk Hammett, Metallica's lead guitarist, understatedly. "It takes us out of what we know best. It takes us out of comfort zones and puts us in a place where we're very challenged."

See more photos from the Metallica Through The Never premiere in our gallery.

Metallica Through The Never will be released on the 15th October in the UK and is currently released in IMAX cinemas in US.