Review of Combat Baby Single by Metric


Metric - Combat Baby - Single Review


Combat Baby


Four piece Canadian art rockers and friends of Broken Social Scene, Metric teams up with Stephen Hague (New Order Producer) to bring us their debut single “Combat Baby.” Hanging out in New York’s art-rock scene and networking with names in the music business, combined with Metric’s creativity and quirky sounds, are what makes this quirky debut single. Think the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s re-hashed with

Metric - Combat Baby - Single Review

synths, and you’re there, well almost. The bolshy and sometimes scary nature of Karen O’s vocals are replaced by Emily Haines’s hush hush cute, Dubstar like vocals, feisty when required, and feisty enough to fit in with the spiky pop punk guitars, retro eighties new order style backing track and catchy fighting talk filled choruses:

Fight off the lethargy, don’t go quietly, combat baby,

Say you would never give up easy, combat baby combat.

Combat baby is taken from the debut album Old World underground, where are you now?

Katherine Tomlinson