Review of Summer 08 Album by Metronomy

Started by then Devon-inhabitant Joseph Mount, Metronomy are a quartet who have previously released four albums with ever-increasing chart success.  Their last long-player in 2014 underlined their upward trajectory by cracking the UK top ten and its campaign included a support slot to Blur in Hyde Park.

Metronomy Summer 08 Album

Opening with the electro-funk of 'Back Together', 'Summer 08' is a collection of synthesised pop that at the very least intrigues and at its best will get your groove on.  'Miami Logic' bounces along casually, while 'Old Skool' is the first of two examples of exemplary collaborations.  Featuring the talents of Beastie Boys' Mix Master Mike, it is a groove-laden monster made for party playlists.  Equally enthralling is the work with Robyn - a sure-fire way to add quality to any track - on the hook-filled 'Hang Me Out To Dry', which utilises tempo change in an excellent manner.  To front-load two of your better tracks does lead to a slightly less enjoyable flip side, but 'Mick Slow' is an enjoyable slower cut and 'Night Owl' serves as a fine example of how simple playing in various elements of the track can combine to great effect.  For fans of the genre this is clearly worth delving into, but even the uninitiated may well find lasting impressions.

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