Fasting actress Mia Farrow is receiving regular check-ups from her doctor to appease her concerned friends and family.
The human rights activist has been on hunger strike since 27 April (09), as part of an effort to raise awareness about the plight of starving refugees in the Sudan.
She aims to fast for three weeks, but has promised her children she will end her protest if she starts experiencing health problems.
And Farrow has agreed to her pals' pleas to undergo medical tests throughout her fast to ensure she is not harming her body.
In her latest daily blog, she writes, "A doctor will be coming to visit me tomorrow - thanks to my concerned friends. But no doctor will be there for at least a million people in Darfur. There will be an end to this for me - but not for them."
The star admits she has been left incredibly weak by the lack of food, but insists her mind is all the clearer for it: "At this point I don't think about food. I am weaker and I am mostly in bed. I am clear minded. I sleep less... I am more emotional... I read when I am able to... I am at peace and busy with my thoughts."