Actress and activist Mia Farrow is showing her support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by signing a petition calling on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to allow protesters to return to their makeshift base camp.
Demonstrators turned Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan into a camp site in September (11) as they campaigned against corporate greed.
Their numbers swelled within two months and riot police were called in to evacuate the privately-owned park in the early hours of 15 November (11) under the instruction of Bloomberg, who claimed the masses had become a danger to public health and safety.
Activists have since been allowed to re-enter the park, which is now barricaded and heavily guarded by cops and security guards, but they have been forbidden to set up tents there.
Protesters are now calling on supporters to add their names to an online petition addressed to Bloomberg and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly asking them to remove the barriers to allow easier access for demonstrators to freely gather at the site - and human rights activist Farrow's signature is among them.
The petition letter reads: "Zuccotti Park was ambushed by police in riot gear on Monday, November 15th, 2011. Mayor Bloomberg gave a high-profile press conference 'welcoming' the protesters to return to Zuccotti Park to exercise their 'freedom to assemble'. The park is wall to wall barricades, police and security guards. Give us back our park. Whose Park? Our Park."
The Occupy Wall Street movement, which has now spread to major cities around the world, has not been short of star support - rocker Tom Morello, rap mogul Russell Simmons, and newly-engaged actress Anne Hathaway are among the stars who have taken part in demonstrations for the cause.