Ronan Farrow, the only biological child of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, looks like he may be joining MSNBC's weekend line-up with his very own show. Farrow, a journalist and human rights activist, is said to be in advanced talks with the usually-liberal network over a show in which he will address various human rights concerns and other political concerns. He probably won't be discussing the week's hottest gossip though, like whether his father might actually be Frank Sinatra.

Initially reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the show will be Farrow's first real leap into television, although he has appeared on MSNBC and CNN's programs in the past. The 25-year-old isn't being handed the job just because of his famous name either, as Ronan has a rich history of journalistic duties and charitable work behind him. Most recently, Farrow has worked for President Obama's foreign policy department as well as at the State Department, where he founded the Office of Global Youth Issues. He also served as an advisor to Hilary Clinton during the Arab Spring uprising.

Much like his mother, Ronan has long been a staunch campaigner for the protection of children caught in conflict, and despite his young age, has developed an impressive resume of charitable pursuits and work within various non-governmental organisations, in addition to his work with Obama and Clinton. He has addressed the ongoing AIDs pandemic in Africa and the genocide in Darfur and is a published journalist, writing on the subject of human rights for The Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune and The Atlantic.

Farrow's potential involvement in the network comes as MSNBC president Phil Griffin continues to toy around with the programme schedule, which has seen anchors Chris Hayes and Ed Schultz, and others, have their showtimes played around with since April this year. The talk of his potential addition to the line-up also comes ahead of the premiere episode of Alec Baldwin's new talk show, Up Late With Alec Baldwin, which will air this Friday (4 Oct.). The addition may also hope to continue MSNBC's reign as the second most successful news broadcaster, having edged CNN for the third quarter of the year. It still, regrettably, sits behind the conservative Fox News.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin will begin hosting his new show by the end of the week