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26th April 2016

Fact: Mia Farrow's classic horror movie See No Evil is set for a remake. Studio bosses at Screen Gems have picked up the rights to the 1971 film and tapped Mike Scannell to write the reboot, reports Deadline.com. Casting details have yet to be announced.

28th August 2014

Tweet: "Congratulations Angie & Brad!!! Now let's work for the day when everyone can get married." Mia Farrow acknowledges Jolie and Pitt's secret weekend wedding and uses the big news to highlight the fight for gay marriage in America.

21st October 2013

Tweet: "Great happiness and a huge hooray (sic) to same-sex couples now getting married in New Jersey. #equality." Actress Mia Farrow celebrates as New Jersey became the 14th state in the U.S. to recognise same sex marriage on Monday (21Oct13).

30th January 2013

Tweet: "Lena Dunham there is nobody remotely like you. I've been watching. You are a national treasure. Just stay as U are. That's not so easy." Veteran actress Mia Farrow has high praise for the Girls creator and star.

30th October 2012

Tweet: "Millions woke up to devastation. Feel lucky that we lost only power- hearts w (with) those who lost much more. Thank you rescue workers." Actress Mia Farrow is grateful former Hurricane Sandy only wiped out her power.

22nd August 2012

Tweet: "So what if Prince Harry got naked. The shame belongs on the 'friend' who sold the pics." Veteran actress Mia Farrow defends the British royal after finding himself at the centre of a nude photo scandal following a wild vacation in Las Vegas.

24th July 2012

Tweet: "Got poison ivy on my arm - anyone got a good remedy? Maybe pour clorox bleach on it? Very itchy." Mia Farrow ‏seeks medical advice from her Twitter.com followers.

12th June 2012

Tweet: "Welcome Hannah Previn - my granddaughter born last night! Her dad is a teacher, her mom a pediatric cardiologist." Veteran actress Mia Farrow celebrates the latest addition to her family.

16th May 2012

Tweet: "So sad to hear of the death of the great Carlos Fuentes." Actress Mia Farrow pays tribute to the beloved Mexican author, who passed away on Tuesday (15May12).

28th December 2011

Tweet: "My mom,Tarzan's Jane, referred to Cheetah-the-chimp as 'that bastard' - saying he bit her at every opportunity. Cheetah lived to be 80." Mia Farrow remembers the cheeky chimpanzee which starred alongside her actress mother Maureen O'Sullivan in 1942's Tarzan's New York Adventure. The animal died in a Florida animal sanctuary on Christmas Eve (24Dec11).

20th November 2011

Fact: Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's son has been awarded a full-scholarship to study at England's prestigious Oxford University. Ronan, who received the honour as one of 32 Rhodes Scholars, has longtime been considered a gifted student - he graduated from New York's Bard College at the young age of 15, six years ahead of schedule.

29th October 2010

Fact: Child stars Kurt Russell, Mia Farrow and Richard Dreyfuss auditioned to play children in The Sound Of Music.

16th October 2010

Fact: Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow are to star as husband and wife in director Todd Solondz's new movie DARK HORSE.

22nd July 2008

Quote: "Intimacy is intimacy, and paying somebody to rub my body - I just can't figure out how to make that fit in with my life, unless it's sex." Actress Mia Farrow has no desire to pay for pleasurable beauty services.

1st March 2008

Quote: "I felt overwhelmed by fame - I thought it had destroyed my connection to other people. I was completely lost. I didn't know how to find a life that would be meaningful." Mia Farrow recalls how her celebrity sky-rocketed in the late 1960s when she starred in hit movie ROSEMARY'S BABY and married FRANK SINATRA.

23rd January 2007

Quote: "I don't know the exact details of what went on, but I certainly wish her all the best. My thoughts go out to all the children who don't get out, and God bless the woman for what she did." Mia Farrow has nothing but praise for Madonna's planned adoption of Malawian baby DAVID BANDA.

9th June 2006

Quote: "Mia Farrow's a fine actress, but I think they really needed a scary English nanny." Original THE OMEN star Harvey Stephens, who played son of Satan DAMIEN in 1976, isn't convinced by Farrow's portrayal of MRS BAYLOCK in the hit new remake. Billie Whitelaw played the Satanic nanny in the original.

2nd June 2006

Fact: Superstitious Mia Farrow wasn't chancing her luck on the set of horror film remake THE OMEN - she insisted on wearing a Saint Christopher pendant given to her by her mother at all times, even though her character is a Satanist.

2nd June 2006

Quote: "I think it's the chocolate. I eat a lot of it... My mother told me you only have a certain number of heartbeats in your heart so don't waste them on jogging or anything like that." Actress Mia Farrow, 61, on how she maintains her youthful looks.

1st June 2006

Fact: Actress Mia Farrow and Liza Minnelli attended nursery school together.

27th May 2006

Quote: "I think she's great. I want her lips, I want her husband." Mia Farrow admits she's a big fan of her fellow humanitarian Angelina Jolie.

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