LATEST: British Sri Lankan rapper Mia has been denied entry to the US because her debut album contains controversial lyrics. The FIRE FIRE star - real name MAYA ARULPRAGASAM - was recently forced to postpone a trip to America to work with superstars including Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Kanye West after immigration officials refused her a visa. MIA named her debut album ARULAR after her father, a guerilla fighter for the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group which has launched attacks against the Sri Lankan armed forces for over 30 years. The disc also features the sound of bombs exploding and numerous revolutionary lyrics including, 'I got the bombs to make you blow/I got the beats to make you bang bang bang' from PULL UP THE PEOPLE. An employee at MIA's record label XL Recordings tells London newspaper the Evening Standard, "Maya has never shied away from saying what she thinks and her music is no exception. "Her second (UK) single, SUNSHOWERS, tells the story about a suicide bomber in Sri Lanka. The lyrics got her video banned on MTV in America. "Now the refusal to let her go to the US to work with the likes of Missy Elliott, Timbaland and Kanye West will really set back her career. "The message at the record company is: 'We must get her in.' If she loses out on the American market and misses her chance to work with the global superstars of hip-hop it will be like throwing millions down the drain."