TERMINATOR star Michael Biehn is being sued by a Russian production company, who are accusing him of being drunk on the set of a new movie.

CTB FILM claim Biehn - who played the man sent back through time to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator character in the 1984 blockbuster - made sexual advances toward production staff while drunk on the set of AMERIKANETS.

According to the suit, filed in Los Angeles, Biehn showed up drunk on the second day of filming in Russia and was "excessively intoxicated, his speech slurred and erratic, and he had trouble walking".

He is also alleged to have carried a PEPSI COLA bottle containing vodka and made advances on female production employees - behaviour which continued for several days.

CTB claim scenes with Biehn shot in Russia were useless, forcing the company to suspend production.

In Amerikanets, Biehn as an American stockbroker who loses millions when a Russian company he invests in declares bankruptcy, and then travels to Russia to seek justice.

29/04/2004 17:15