Michael Buble's wife Luisana Lopilato is ''positive'' her son will make a full recovery from the burns he suffered in a home accident.

The couple's child Noah - who will turn two later this month - was hospitalised in late June after he accidentally poured hot water over himself when climbed on to the kitchen worktop at home.

After receiving extensive treatment at the Hospital Aleman in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Noah was allowed to go home but now Luisana has opened up about the accident for the first time, admitting he is still being treated at home to try and prevent scarring but she's confident he'll eventually be OK.

Speaking to Argentina's Luz magazine, she said: ''At one point the doctors told me they'd have to do skin grafts but thanks God it started healing little by little. For a long time he has to use elastic bands pressed tight so he's not left with scars. I always try to be OK. I'm quite positive and I hope everything will turn out OK.''

The 28-year-old Argentinian actress held a bedside vigil beside Noah while he was in hospital and she admits she has even more respect for parents who have to care for their sick kids after witnessing the strength shown by mothers and fathers at the medical centre.

She said: ''After Noah had his accident, he was in hospital on the same floor as children with terminal illnesses and I would ask myself, 'How are their parents able to get up every day and breathe?' I try not to think of that, I believe that in those moments you find the strength from somewhere.''

In the wake of Noah's accident, Michael, 39, took to his Twitter account to thank all his fans for their well wishes and assure them his son was on the mend.

He posted: ''I'm happy to report that he is home, happy and healthy. He climbed onto the kitchen work-top in a second and threw hot water over himself.''