Presumably inspired by Kim Wilde’s drunken singalong on the London tube over the Christmas period, Michael Buble has taken his jazzy light entertainment vibes to the New York subway, Sky News reports. Taking up position on the platform at the 66th Street Lincoln stop and accompanied by backing group Naturally 7, Buble sang an adapted rendition of The Jackson 5’s Whos’ Lovin’ You.  

A small group gathered round and some filmed the performance on their mobile phones. When the performance had ended, he hugged the group and said that singing on the subway was “the coolest thing ever.” He explained “Singing in the New York subway is something that's been done for years and years and years and I feel like it's the most authentic, organic way to make music. You see some of the greatest musicians in the world come down here and play.” Buble is currently on a promotional tour for his recent album release To Be Loved. “Out of all the press I had to do, out of everything that I'm gonna do - Europe and America - this was the thing I was most excited about,” the singer explained. 

Watch Michael Buble on the subway

Far more used to playing to much bigger audiences than a gaggle of passers by on a tube station platform, Buble’s popular singing style has earned him numerous Grammy awards and he will be playing 10 dates at London’s O2 arena later this summer. 

Michael Buble
Michael Buble at a recent book signing