Um, did anyone else not know that Michael Cera is a musician? Outside of Scott Pilgrim, I mean. Not only that, he’s actually really good, if his new indie album, True That, is anything to go by. Cera pulled a Beyonce and released the album on his Bandcamp without any prior announcement. Those who want to get acquainted with Cera’s musical talents can buy True That for $7 or stream it for free.

Michael Cera
Did I mention you can stream it for free? [Getty/Larry Busacca]

Oh and did we mention it’s really very good? Cera relies a lot on dissonance, which sorts itself into melody later in the songs and it’s a really engaging listen. It’s a quiet, chilled out mix of songs with some (dare we say it?) Sufjan Stephens influences and plenty of cinematic references, probably to remind us of Cera’s day job.

There’s also a really pleasant Blaze Forley cover in there, which, if nothing else, helps ease the way into the rest of the album. And there’s a nice little piano thing called Gershy’s Kiss in a nod to George Gershwyn, judging by the runs he does. So basically, if you need a chill out playlist for the weekend, this should make it on there.

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The album was released on August 8, but people really started taking notice when pal Jonah Hill gave Cera a leg up and tweeted about it on August 12.