When 20.05.2013

'Arrested Development' star Michael Cera is interviewed at the Cannes Film Festival about his new movie 'Magic Magic' in which he plays a character called Brink. He talks about learning Spanish for the role and his admiration for co-star Juno Temple's physically exhausting scenes.

'I did study Spanish for a few months first in Los Angeles for maybe two, three months everyday five days a week so in the beginning I was doing eight hour days', he explains. 'I had a lovely teacher which is I think the reason I was able to get my teeth into it 'cause I kept wanting to just keep going.' Asked what his most challenging scene with Juno was, he admits, 'I didn't have anything half as challenging as Juno had to do physically and emotionally in the movie. we're shooting for like seven hours and doing one scene where she's like ferociously crying and I think that's very physically draining.'


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