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Zeta-jones Treated For Sinus Problems

Welsh beauty CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has been nursing her husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS back to health - while making daily trips to the hospital for her own ailments. Douglas recently underwent knee replacement surgery, and Zeta-Jones has been...

Douglas Ended Flings For Zeta-jones

MICHAEL DOUGLAS put an end to his womanising ways when he started dating CATHERINE ZETA-JONES - because the actress told him she would not tolerate infidelity. The 64-year-old actor married Zeta-Jones, 39, in 2000 and they...

Douglas Pushes For Tighter Gun Control

FATAL ATTRACTION star MICHAEL DOUGLAS is planning to lobby the US government for tighter gun control, because he's still haunted by rocker JOHN LENNON's 1980 shooting death. Lennon was murdered outside his New York...

Diandra's Ex Fights Back After Bedroom Arrest

LATEST: The biological father of DIANDRA DOUGLAS' surrogate twins is refusing to give up custody of his boys even after his ex-girlfriend had him handcuffed and arrested in his own bedroom. Investor ZACK HAMPTON...

Catherine Zeta-jones Loves Bingo At Christmas

Movie beauty CATHERINE ZETA-JONES loves the unfashionable game bingo so much she arranges a game for her family every Christmas. The INTOLERABLE CRUELTY star has now passed her knowledge of the numbers game, favoured...

Teenage Douglas Snooped On Naked Janet Leigh

Movie veteran MICHAEL DOUGLAS has fond memories of the shower scene in classic chiller PSYCHO - because he used to watch outtakes featuring a naked JANET LEIGH. Michael's movie star dad KIRK DOUGLAS had...

The Douglases Make Bermuda Their Home

Celebrity couple MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES are making Bermuda their new permanent home, in a bid to secure their privacy. Zeta-Jones is Welsh and Douglas is American, but the OSCAR-winning pair are forsaking...

Catherine Zeta-jones Wants To Team With Brad Pitt

Welsh actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has her eye on BRAD PITT - she's desperate to make a movie with him. The TRAFFIC beauty, married to Hollywood actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS, voices the role of MARINA in...

Michael Douglas' French Kiss Horror

MICHAEL DOUGLAS' first kiss with a girl proved to be a shocking experience for the star - because the girl of his desires stuck her tongue in his mouth. The BASIC INSTINCT star admits...

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