Michael Douglas has banned his children from watching most of his films.

The 70-year-old actor, who has son Dylan, 14, and daughter Carys, 12, with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, thinks they are still too young to be exposed to most of his work.

He said: ''They haven't seen a lot of my pictures, most of my career is R-rated.''

But the Oscar winner admits he was furious when he recently discovered Dylan had secretly watched his sexy thrillers 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Basic Instinct' at their home.

He told ABC's 'Popcorn with Peter Travers': ''I said, 'You saw Basic Instinct?' and then he realised he was in a little bit of trouble. He goes, 'Well, I only looked at the parts with you, Dad, not Sharon Stone.' ''

But Michael is glad his new Marvel film 'Ant-Man' is suitable for his family and claims his son advised him to take on the role because it would expose him to a new generation of fans.

He said: ''Dylan came to me when I was reading the script and took it out of my hand and said, 'Dad, let me explain something to you: This is a whole new audience for you, Dad. My friends will know who you are.' ''