Michael Douglas' teenage son acts like his agent and tells his father what films he should take on.

The 'Ant-Man' star - who has 14-year-old son Dylan and 12-year-old daughter Carys Zeta with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones - has revealed how his son takes ''particular pride'' in acting like his agent and informing him of how certain roles will give him ''a whole new audience''.

Speaking on ITV's 'Lorraine', Michael said: ''Dylan, my 14 year old son, takes particular pride in acting as my agent, telling me, 'Dad you have to do this movie, Dad you don't understand, this is a whole new audience for you!'... Now he's very, very excited about [new film 'Ant-Man'] and so is his sister Carys.''

Meanwhile, Michael revealed recently that he intends to ''push'' Catherine Zeta-Jones into a superhero film.

Asked if the Welsh beauty would be interested in playing a superhero, Michael said: ''I'm sure she might. I'm gonna push her into it because in the story of Hank Pym, he's lost his wife, so maybe she can finally come back and we can finally get to work together.''