Michael Douglas' son, Cameron Douglas, has reportedly been beaten inside prison, leaving him with a broken leg, and broken fingers, The New York Post Reports.

"He broke his femur, which is hard to snap, and had to have a rod inserted," explained a source. "He told health services staff that he hurt them playing handball. You don't break a femur playing handball." Apparently, the injury was misdiagnosed, and so a broken leg was treated as a sprain, causing blood clots. "She thought it was a sprain, so he wants to sue this woman. He's still walking around on crutches two months later." Douglas has been getting used to prison life since he became a "rat", but its that label that earned him his beating, after a crime-family captain put a $100 bounty on him. "He recently had his initials inscribed on his neck and big stars on his shoulders, with each year of his incarceration in each star: '10, '11, '12. And he's currently getting a scroll on his back. They are being done by his best prison pal, Billy Trent, and he's paid over $1,000 so far for all the ink."

Douglas was sentenced to a five-year sentence in 2010 after pleading guilty to charges of distributing crystal meth and possessing heroin. A further 4.5 years was added to his sentence - meaning he's not eligible for release until 2018 - for smuggling drugs into prison.