The Wall Street star has been travelling around the world for premieres and interviews to promote Marvel Studios blockbuster Ant-Man, and the hectic schedule took a toll on his sleep pattern - so he popped a couple of pills so he could grab a nap on a plane flight.

But the drugs robbed him of his memory.

He says, "We had our first premiere in Los Angeles and I was in Europe (at the time) and I (had to fly back) to Los Angeles to do (the press for the film) for five days. Then from there I had to go back to London... We finally had the premiere in London and we were leaving the next day to come back to New York and I was trying to get to sleep. I took a couple of pills to try to get to sleep and I couldn't and I woke up and I took one more.

"Well, to make a long story short, we're on the plane and I don't (even) remember packing and I turn to (my wife) Catherine (Zeta-Jones)... and (she says), 'Honey, this morning you got up and you looked cross-eyed, you look completely cross-eyed at me and you started... screaming, 'Spoiler alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alert! I've lost my wallet, my passport!'

"She kept saying, 'What spoiler alert?' I realised (I was screaming that because) the whole junket time... (I kept saying), 'Spoiler alert', because you don't want to give away the secrets (of the movie)."