Dom Hemingway

Don Hemingway, Jude Law's bumJude Law as Dom Hemingway - no wonder he had fun

Portraying Dom Hemingway in this British crime/comedy is Jude Law, who has been praised for his turn as the larger than life character. Law said he enjoyed preparing for the role as he could let loose and enjoy things like smoking, drinking and eating ice cream. But has his frivolity translated into a movie you want to see?

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“Definitely a film of two halves, this crime comedy kicks off with a spark of witty energy as the title character blusters his way through a series of events with hilariously profane rants. Then the plot kicks in. And from here on, it's a dull slog as we lose all interest in what happens next. It's well-played and stylishly directed, but it feels pointless.”

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