Michael Fassbender admits fame doesn't get any "easier" but he's thankful to have the support of "powerful women" - including his actress wife Alicia Vikander.

The Hollywood couple are fiercely private over their personal life and decided not to disclose their young son's name, and while it's "tricky" being out and about, Fassbender has "made [his] peace" with it.

He told Candis magazine: "Fame is the tricky part for sure.

"I used to be able to fly under the radar and do my own thing, but not so much these days. 'The payoff is very good, of course, but I don't know if the being famous ever gets easier.

I think you just have to make your peace with it."

The 46-year-old Irish-German actor credits his sister with teaching him to empower and respect women from an early age.

He said: "I'm really happy I had a sister. because I learned so much from her about women when we were growing up, to see them not just as the opposite sex, but as people I can have friendships with too.

My sister's a single mother. She's got two boys and she works as a neuroscientist, so she's pretty formidable, pretty amazing. There are some very powerful women in my life - my mother, my sister, my grandmas - who have hugely shaped who I am today... And my

wife, of course. She's also a very powerful woman!"

The 'Hope' star believes women are the superior sex.

He explained: "I think women are so much more evolved and complicated than men.

"I think we men are kind of stupid and straightforward and I suppose because women have had to deal with men suppressing them for thousands of years, they've had to become more evolved. Also, because they have this amazing system that allows them to carry children inside them, they also have the brain that goes with that. I just think they're more advanced than we are. You can see it in the teenage years that girls mature much quicker than guys, and that’s probably true in adult years as well.”