He’s about to star in one of the most anticipated big screen video game adaptations, but Michael Fassbender has admitted he’d never even played Assassin’s Creed before signing on for the film. Today fans were given their first look at Fassbender in the upcoming film, with the first promo images being released by Entertainment Weekly.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Fassbender said: “I hadn’t played it before these guys approached me. I’ve played it since mainly to get an idea of the physicality of the character.” Fassbender will also produce the movie and has been working hard to give fan’s something different.

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“We’re striving to find something special,” Fassbender said. "We believe the whole concept around it is special and want to service that the best we can. The fans are really passionate: very specific and they expect accuracy and historical detail.”

“We’re really trying to capitalise and feed on and enjoy the fun element. We’re working hard to make this something special.” In the adaptation Fassbender plays Callum Lynch an original character created for the film who takes on all the time-traveling, first-person action from the game.

Fassbender also explained that the film, which is set in 15th-century Spain and the present day, avoids using superpowers and magical elements. “A lot of the stuff in the game is parkour,” the actor added. “Blades attached to his wrists. It’s about getting in close to the target, close quarters fighting.”

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The film reunites Fassbender with his Macbeth co-star Marion Cotillard and also the film’s director Justin Kurzel. The cast also includes Michael K Williams, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson. Assassin’s Creed is due for release on December 21, 2016.