'Prometheus 2', the follow up to Ridley Scott’s 2012 semi 'Alien' sequel has been given a release date of March 2016. That’s good news for fans who weren’t really sure exactly when or even if the film was going to happen. Now it seems that production will start in the fall once Scott wraps up his latest work ‘Exodus’. So what do we know so far about the upcoming sequel?

Prometheus director Ridley Scott'Prometheus' director Ridley Scott

The first thing to note is that really not an awful lot is confirmed about ‘Prometheus 2’. We can safely say that Scott will once again be sitting in the director’s chair again and he'll probably also produce. When it comes to the scripting, this is where things have gotten a little more complicated. Originally Damon Lindelof who co-wrote the 2012 script was writing the sequel, then he dropped out. He decided instead to work on another upcoming release sci-fi mystery ‘Tomorrowland’ starring George Clooney. Next to take up the pen was Jake Paglen, the writer behind upcoming Johnny Depp sci-fi outing ‘Transcendance’. Now, though, Paglen’s script is set to be revised by Michael Green, who’s no stranger to collaborating with Scott, as he's currently working with him on the future 'Blade Runner' movie. Apart from that his other writing credits include working on the ‘Green Lantern’ movie, so make of that what you will.

The 2012 movie left us in a scenario that was just calling out for a sequel. Religious archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw had been trying to find the 'Engineers' - an alien race that served as the architects of humanity. She was helped by android David (Michael Fassbender). But as they tried to return to earth the movie's last shot showed an alien creature bursting out of an Engineer's chest. That kind of ending meant that a sequel just had to happen.

Noomi Rapace who played Elizabeth ShawNoomi Rapace who played Elizabeth Shaw in 'Prometheus'

At the moment the rumour from The Wrap is that there’s going to be a lot of Michael Fassbender in the movie, i.e. multiple David androids. Another theory is that this one is going to be more like the 1979 ‘Alien’ movie, meaning a lot more of a horror feel. This second outing might actually do a better job of tying ‘Promethus’ and ‘Alien’ together than the first did.

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