Few films have generated as much buzz as Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. Despite having a few ‘off’ films, shall we say, the impressive cast and Cormac McCarthy’s name on the writing credit mean this taut looking thriller has been turning heads everywhere it goes.

Javier Bardem and Michael FassbenderFassbender and Bardem enjoy each other's company at the special screening

And that’s what last night was all about: turning heads. At a special screening of the movie, held in the London’s West End, at the Odeon. The stars of the film – and it’s a veritable galaxy of names – were dressed up and ready to mingle as the U.K press pack got their chance to mull over Scott’s follow up to Prometheus.

The story is that of Fassbender's character: a greedy lawyer who, unsatisfied with his lot, delves into the seedy and dangerous world of drug trafficking. Of course, it doesn't go well, and the people he meets and supposedly wrongs threaten to take away his life and his love, Penelope Cruz. There's some resemblance to Breaking Bad there, and eagle-eyed readers will have seen Dean Norris (Hank) at the end of the international trailer. Doing what? Looking into a barrel, of course.

Inconspicuous in his absence was Brad Pitt, who, despite appearing to play a cameo role in the film – the trailer shows him as more of a facilitator, but we might be wrong – is one of the movie’s more marketable names, especially considering the box office hit that was World War Z. Plus, we’re given to understand that he’s in Oxfordshire filming Fury, which isn’t too far from London.

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Penelope CruzCruz looked her usual stunning self last night (Thurs, Oct 3rd)

But there were still enough big names to keep you happy. Michael Fassbender – due an Oscar for his role in Shame – and Javier Bardem, who is relishing his recent spate of antagonist roles, were pictured laughing and in relaxed mood, as the searing Penelope Cruz oozed class as she graced Royal blue carpet.

Early whispers suggest The Counselor is living up to its hype. Scott has been critiqued for his previous effort, Prometheus, and the script Robin Hood and American Gangster was maligned. But with celebrated author McCarthy having penned the script – his first feature length movie – it seems as though those three ingredients, a cast, director and script, have each proven their worth.

Ridley ScottMichael Fassbender
A resurgent Scott and a brilliant Fassbender

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