Michael J Fox hasn't had a staring role for nearly a decade, following his ongoing battle with parkinson's disease. However, thanks largely to the miraculous advances in modern medicine, Fox's condition is at a manageable level that he can once again become a name at the front of any billing.
His next project comes courtesy of NBC, who have commissioned the new sitcom, The Michael J Fox Show, that sees the actor portray a character not unlike himself. In the show, Fox plays a news anchor who, like the actor, is diagnosed with parkinson's. It follows his return to work, and his daily struggles faced by having the disease, and has the potential to be a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Fox has appeared in various projects since leaving behind his last staring vehicle, Spin City, in 2001, when his condition became unmanageable next to his schedule. One of his most memorable appearances was on Scrubs, in which he played a doctor suffering from OCD, a performance that won him many plaudits and may potentially indicate tone his new show will take; humorous but with a touch of gravitas to bring the whole thing down to earth. Either way, the trailer looks promising and it is good to have MJF back.
Also appearing on the show are Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt, as his wife, and The Wire's Wendell Pierce, as his former boss and the man who convinces him to come back to work. Sam Laybourne, of Cougar Town fame, is on board to write the show. The show airs Thursdays at the start of the new season of programming on NBC.

Michael J Fox
Michael J Fox and Wendell Pierce filming in New York for the The Michael J Fox Show