Fans of Michael J. Fox will know his new show, The Michael J. Fox Show (who needs a fancy name?) plays on his disability for laughs, just like he did on Curb Your Enthusiasm, when Larry David was convinced he was using his Parkinson’s to ruin his life.

But it’s more than that; Fox’s personal life away from his disability, his family etc, are all going to influence directly the content in his show. "There are some things taken from [my] life," he told reporters on Saturday (27 July) at the Television Critics Association press tour, according to People Magazine. 

"For example, my youngest daughter, when she went to camp a couple of years ago, took us aside and said, 'I'm warning you, when I go camping and you see pictures on the Internet, I'm trying out a new smile.' And we transposed that to the daughter on the show, when she doesn't like the way she runs, so she rehearses a new running method. There's little snips and pieces of the experience of raising teenagers."

The show is set to make its debut on September 26, and sees Fox return to a regular TV role for the first time since his six-season stint on Spin City. He left that show to spend more time with his family, and now that time is being directly channelled into his new show, and we can’t wait to see the results.

Michael J. FoxMichael J. Fox is ready for a new show, and he's set to go 22 episodes