Kids hate it when their parents take an interest in their love life, and celebrity dad Michael J. Fox proved that the rich and famous are no exception to this embarrassing parenting trend as he warned Taylor Swift to stay away from his son.

The country star, who split up with One Direction's Harry Styles only a few weeks ago, is rumoured to be seeing Fox's son, Sam Fox, so soon after her split from Styles (as is the trend with Swift, who rarely goes longer than a few weeks without being in a relationship). As such, Swift also has a tendency to use her numerous relationships as inspiration for songs, and Fox doesn't want his son to be the next in line to have a song written about him.

Speaking to the online blog Vulture, the Back To The Future star admitted that his knowledge of current entertainment news is pretty thin, but nonetheless he is aware of Swift's tendency to use her many failed relationships as the basis to her songs. “What a way to build a career,” he said, adding that he would only learn the two were no longer together until he was listening to the radio. He said, "yeah. Exactly. ‘Sam, You Piece of Sh*t.’ Oh...that was the girl you brought home!”