Back in 1989, Marty McFly and Doc Brown made some bold predictions about how the future might look in 2015. In the hit film, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the pair travelled to our current year to prevent Marty's future son from ending up in jail. But now as we begin to settle into the New Year it’s time to investigate, just how much did Back to the Future Part II get right about life in 2015?

Back to the FutureBack to the Future, an accurate representation of modern life?

Well surprisingly the film did manage to get a few things right about life in 2015. While the movie’s predictions might not have been 100% accurate, there’s still enough there that nearly hit the mark. One of the best examples is the film’s depiction of video calls, something which is now a reality for everyone, thanks to programs such as Skype and Face Time.

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Another reality of life in 2015 is 3D technology, which sees us now using our 3D glasses both in cinemas and at home. But what seemed more unlikely was holograms, which is also now a reality that can even bring rappers back from the dead (remember Tupac at Coachella in 2012?).

But one piece of technology we haven't quite got to experience yet is hover-boards, which dominated the skies in the movie’s vision of the future. While they’re not yet being sold in stores, there are companies who are working on making hover boards a reality in the near future.

Other predictions that we’re still waiting on to come true include, self-lacing shoes, exercise bikes at cafes, flying cars and time travel itself. But although many of the movie’s predictions were a little ahead of the times, one thing that puts Back to the Future firmly in the past is the presence of fax machines in 2015.

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For some reason the writers thought fax machines would be everywhere in the future, when actually they're now a relic of times gone by. Although we haven't yet totally said goodbye to the now humble fax machine we certainly have moved on from the days when a fax was the height of communicative technology.