New disturbing details have emerged around the Michael Jace case. The actor, best known for his role on FX’s The Shield, confessed to shooting his wife last month, in front of their two children. On Thursday, TMZ released a recording of a 911 call, made by Jace’s father-in-law moments after the crime. The man claims that Jace told him first of the murder. In the recording, the man is heard telling 911 dispatchers that Jace texted him, letting him know of April’s murder. “My son in law texted me,” Jace’s father-in-law is heard saying. “He said “come get the kids” because he shot our daughter.”

Michael Jace
Michael Jace reported his own crime to the police, but only after he had told his father-in-law.

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The exact motive of the crime is unknown, although TMZ reported that Jace had been having money problems at the time of the murder.

Jace was arrested on May 19. The actor called the police himself, saying: “I shot my wife.” According to Fox, Jace's attorneys Jason Sias and Jamon Hicks have not commented on the audio's contents but they did note the case is still early and their investigation continues.

Jace is scheduled to be arraigned on June 18.He has no prior criminal record, but he reportedly has a history of extreme spousal abuse. Legal documents obtained by TMZ from his 1997 divorce from his first wife, Jennifer Bitterman, indicate that Jace had been extremely violent.

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