Trouble just haunts the Jackson family, even 15-year-old Paris Jackson. The young daughter of the late Michael Jackson was set to begin work on her budding film career with her very first movie – Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. Unfortunately, following the potential actress’s suicide attempt and subsequent hospital stay, the company behind the production, will have to take out a hefty insurance policy for Paris, TMZ reports. Still, sources connected to the film have commented that this would not be a problem for the production.

"There's a policy that we will have to buy now that we would not have had to buy prior to the incident." The source goes on, "We're prepared to pay a large amount of money for the policy," adding, "Fortunately, we have a big budget."

In addition, Paris’s engagement with the production doesn’t begin for another six months – plenty of time, the producers feel, for the young woman to recover and get back on track with her career. And while no, it does not sound like the healthiest decision for Jackson herself, apparently it is the most viable decision as far as the film’s producers are concerned. Oh well, we’ve already known for a while that mental health isn’t exactly top priority in Hollywood, so decisions like that one should come as no surprise.

Paris Jackson, Instagram
Paris's suicide attempt reportedly happened after she was forbidden from going to a Marilyn Manson gig.

Paris Jackson, Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Paris has been going through a tough time, says her family.