Debbie Rowe, the former wife of Michael Jackson and mother of his children, is finally taking the witness stand in the wrongful death suit that mother Katherine Jackson began against her son’s concert promoter, AEG. According to TMZ, Debbie is going to testify against the company, because she considers the promoter to be largely responsible for Michael’s death. As for the contents of her testimony, TMZ has reportedly gotten a hold of those.

Michael Jackson, LA
The reason for Jackson's death is clear, but AEG's involvement is up for debate.

According to the website, Rowe is going to testify that Michael had used the drug Propofol, which ended up causing his death in 2009, at least twice before in his lifetime. According to Rowe’s reported testimony, doctors used Diprivan (a form of Propofol) on Michael in a Munich, Germany hotel room in 1997. Rowe will claim that the drug was administered to Jackson, so that he could fall asleep. There was medical staff present and the singer reportedly slept under the influence of the drug for 8 hours. This occurred on two separate occasions, either consecutive or one day apart. It is yet unknown whether this was done with the blessing of AEG, however the testimony is likely to have an impact on the trial’s outcome, because the company is currently trying to prove that Jackson had been abusing the drug for years and they were not responsible for the fatal dose.

Debbie Rowe, Palmdale, California
Debbie Rowe will take the stand today.

Unfortunately, the conviction of the AEG-employed Dr Conrad Murray, who administered the drug to Jackson, has put the company at a disadvantage this far into the proceedings. Rowe’s testimony will reportedly also include details on Michael’s drug use during their marriage, however she will testify that he had never been a raging addict.

Debbie Rowe, Palmdale, California
Rowe intends to testify against the company.