Jack Wishna, president and CEO of the company CPAmerica, has been found dead aged just 54 years old. Wisha gained some degree of notoriety in being placed in charge of the company, which was a consulting firm for gambling, hotel and leisure organizations based in Las Vegas.

Known as a wheeler and dealer by many, he was instrumental in bringing Donald Trump to Nevada, whilst another of his ambitious plans – though ultimately failed – was to have Michael Jackson perform in Vegas, having already worked with him for several months in the mid-2000s to get him to return from his self-imposed exile from the US. Wishna’s plan had been to install the singer in a new themed casino.

Wishna was found dead on Tuesday (November 28), according to the Daily Mail, with the coroner ruling that he’d died of carbon monoxide intoxication after he was found in a vehicle in the garage of his home in Henderson. At the time of his death he had been developing a new social media website for musicians and fans, billing it as RockCityClub.com and viewing it as a way to discover new talent and build new stars. He’s survived by his wife Donna.