A fresh new track has been released from the upcoming posthumous album from the Michael Jackson. A compilation of Jackson's unfinished and unheard tracks from throughout the late singer's career, the album has generated considerable excitement for both its modern mixing and undeniably MJ sound.

Michael Jackson Xscape Cover
A New Michael Jackson Track, 'Blue Gangsta' Has Dropped Before The Release Of 'Xscape.'

The new track opens with a collection of strings in a movie score-style intro until the urgent refrain of "What cha gonna do/You ain't the friend of mine/Look what you put me through/Now that I'm the blue gangsta," kicks in.

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Produced by Timbaland, the tune is instantly hooking with Jackson's soaring vocals over a high energy musical arrangement. 'Blue Gangsta' differs from Xscape's first released track 'Love Never Felt So Good' in that it has a more modern, aggressive sound as opposed to the lead single's more classically disco styling.

Listen To Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' Track, 'Blue Gangsta':

The song uses vocals put together from takes recorded by the singer between 1983 and 1999. Fans will recognise the song from pared back demo tracks that have been knocking around the internet for some time but the track's new supercharged pop production feels new and exciting enough to be regarded as a completely fresh take.

The song ends with a triumphant blast of brass instruments that lends itself well to the theatrical aspect of 'Blue Gangsta' and we can practically see the King of Pop pull a dramatic pose as the track finishes on a high.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' Will Be Released Next Week.

Michael's Justin Timberlake-featuring 'Love Never Felt So Good'debuted in the top 20, and sold 80,000 copies on iTunes. Xscape will be released on Tuesday May 13th.

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Watch Michael Jackson's 'Xscape - The Collaborators':