The King of Pop's longtime engineer Matt Forger tells WENN he often joined the pop star on missions to find sounds for album tracks, but as a car enthusiast, he was more than a little concerned when Jackson started banging pieces of wood on Tito's classic Model T Ford.

Forger, who worked closely with Jackson on albums from Bad to Dangerous, admits it was always a fun adventure when his boss was on the hunt for a specific sound.

He explains, "You'd never know where you were gonna end up. I remember one time Michael said, 'We're gonna go to my brother's house, and we're just gonna walk around. Bring the portable recorder. We're gonna try some things.'

"Tito had some antique Model T cars and what does Michael do, but picks up a piece of wood... and he was tapping on the body, tapping on the fender, tapping on the door.

"We went into the house and he found a broom and started banging on a table, on the staircase. He had this ability of wanting to hear a sound and knowing that if he searched for it long enough he'd find it. This happened many times... He would bang about and he loved antique things... In his mind, he knew he was looking for something he hadn't heard before and he'd find it and say, 'That's the sound'."

Forger tells WENN the sounds were very important to Jackson's live show as each would serve to prompt the pop star to move a certain way, inspiring his famous dance moves.