Michael Jackson's ghost declared his death an accident according to Lionel Richie's ex-wife.

Randy Phillips - AEG Live CEO and a close friend of the 'All Night Long' hitmaker's former spouse Brenda - made the eerie claim to jurors at the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit his family have brought against the concert promoters.

He told the court how the singer's ex-wife claimed Dr Conrad Murray - who has been jailed for giving the 'Thriller' star a fatal sedative overdose in 2009 - was not at ''fault'' for Michael's death.

He revealed: ''Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael, either through a medium or directly.

''She said Michael told her it wasn't Dr Murray's fault - that he had accidentally killed himself.''

Although laughter filled the courtroom, judge Yvette Palazuelos let Randy's testimony stand.

He was being questioned about an email sent to an AEG colleague in 2009.

He had written: ''I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad.''

While a Jackson family lawyer objected - on the grounds it was triple hearsy because Phillips was telling of a conversation revealed to him by Brenda, who spoke to a medium who allegedly contacted the late singer - they were overruled.

The case continues.