Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince, appeared in court today (June 27, 2013). Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother and the legal guardian of his children, is suing concert promoter AEG for hiring Dr Conrad Murray as Michael's private physician. Prince and Michael Jackson's two other Paris and Blanket are also named as plaintiffs. 

Katherine claims the company are at fault for hiring Murray and their negligence led to her son's death. Dr Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. He had prescribed Jackson an overdose of propofol which resulted in his death. Propofol is a strong and fast-acting drug used to relax patients or put them to sleep (usually before surgery). 

Prince Jackson took the stand today to tell the court about the last hours of his father's life. He related the traumatic events he witnessed including hearing his sister screaming whilst she watched Murray attempt to resuscitate their father.  

Conrad Murray
Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's Doctor at his trial in 2011. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. 

AEG's attorney Marvin S. Putnam has called Prince's testimony into question claiming the traumatic events he endured have made him an unreliable witness. Speaking outside the court Putnam said "He was a 12-year-old boy who has had to endure this great tragedy", he went on to say when he was called to cross examine the witness the truth of what truly happened was revealed. Early testimony from Prince said the children were playing hide and seek when their father was in his locked bedroom with Murray. Therefore they could not have seen Murray administering CPR. 

Prince was 12 at the time of his father's death but tried to look after his young siblings by 'telling them that angels were watching over their father and everything would be fine', according to CBS News

Paris, Prince, La Toya and Blanket Jackson
Michael Jackson's children with his sister La Toya. From L-R: Paris, Prince, La Toya and Blanket.

Prince showed intimate video footage of his family life and spoke sadly about his upbringing. He narrated home video footage of his early life which including images of Michael Jackson attempting to teach Prince to play the piano. Prince claimed his father was unsuccessful.  

A large portion of the case rests on the bizarre business dealings Murray had with AEG and Michael Jackson. Prince and his siblings were frequently given money by their father which they then gave to Murray. Murray was apparently in a great deal of debt and Prince claims the doctor had a heated discussion with CEO Randy Phillips at Jackson's mansion. 

Also being called into question is the business relationship between Jackson and AEG's Randy Phillips: Prince claims his father was frequently upset following phone calls with the CEO. 

Michael Jackson's Children
Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson at a hand and foot ceremony in honour of Michael Jackson outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, L.A.

TJ and Taj Jackson, who are Tito Jackson's (Michael's brothers) sons, will take the stand later this week. Paris Jackson has previously appeared in court, Prince said she found the experience traumatic and that "She had some problems before, after and, I assume, during [her court appearances]".

Michael Jackson's children have certainly gained the jury's sympathy but it remains to be seen if the evidence is sufficient enough to secure a settlement from AEG. The case was first filed in 2010, a year after Michael Jackson's death, and is currently on-going. 

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson
Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson's close friend, pictured with him at the 1993 American Music Awards.