The mother of Michael Jackson's teenage accuser GAVIN ARVIZO yesterday (13APR05) told jurors in the singer's child molestation trial she witnessed him licking her son's head.

JANET ARVIZO claimed the THRILLER singer told her her son was "in danger", following the broadcasting of Martin Bashir's controversial TV documentary LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON in 2003.

She told the Santa Maria, California, court, "He told me that Gavin was in danger and there had to be a press conference because of this Bashir man."

Janet Arvizo said she saw Jackson lick her son during a return flight to California from Florida, where a news conference to counter the damage caused by Bashir's documentary was due to take place. The press event never happened.

In the film, 46-year-old Jackson is seen on camera admitting he shared his bed with young boys, while holding the then 13-year-old Gavin's hand.

Prosecutors claim Jackson kept the Arvizo family against their will at his Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara, California, until they filmed a video to clear his name. The tape, yet to be shown anywhere, has been seen by the jury.

Bizarrely, Janet Arvizo is now known as Janet Jackson following her 2004 marriage.

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to 10 felony charges of child molestation, administering an intoxicating agent and conspiracy involving allegations of child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

14/04/2005 13:49