A new documentary about Michael Jackson's convicted doctor has shed some light on the medic's calm, stoic demeanour throughout his six-week involuntary manslaughter trial - he believes he is protected by the Holy Spirit.
In a bizarre monologue as part of TV special Michael Jackson & The Doctor, which aired in America on Friday night (11Nov11), Conrad Murray claims he had a vision as he slept in the weeks following the King of Pop's 2009 death and he was assured all would be well.
Murray, who is facing at least two years behind bars after he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, closes his eyes in the TV interview filmed in the months following his famous patient's death and recalls the moment he was "lifted out of the darkness".
He explains, "As of July 15th, 2009, at 3am, things changed. The Holy Spirit came to me and I could feel the warmth, I can see his face, I can see his garments as he came down to touch me. He lifted me out of that hole of darkness. He brought me to light. He saved me. He protected me.
"He will put me and keep me safely in the secret chambers of his tabernacle."
Clasping his hands as if to pray, Murray adds, "Thank you Father. Thank you... I love you Lord."
The documentary, which aired four days after Murray was convicted in Los Angeles, was screened despite protests from members of Jackson's family and the Jackson estate administrators.
It featured footage from the Murray trial and conversations between Murray's defence attorneys Ed Chernoff and Michael Flanagan, who are now planning to appeal their client's conviction.
He has been found guilty of causing Michael Jackson's death by administering powerful anaesthetic propofol to help the pop superstar battle a sleep disorder.