The twists in Michael Jackson’s recently reopened story are beginning to resemble a soap opera, as this week it was revealed that Jackson’s eldest children – Paris and Prince, might not be his at all. Following the revelation from Jason Pfeiffer, a friend of the late performer, that the king of pop confided in him about the actual paternity of the children, Paris Jackson has reportedly expressed interest in meeting her supposed biological father. As to who that father may be, Pfeiffer claims it’s British actor Mark Lester. After the startling news, Paris is apparently very keen on visiting Lester in England.

An unnamed source reportedly told the Mirror: 'Paris is deeply interested in learning about her father’s friendship with Mark and what happened.

"In no way would she ever see him as a replacement for Michael but she’s curious,” continues the source. “Michael always described Mark as his ‘special friend’. Now it has even greater significance.”

At this point, nothing is certain of the news, which seem a bit ill-timed, considering recent reports that Paris has been rekindling the relationship with her mother, Debbie Rowe. However, according to Pfeiffer, this is exactly what the King of Pop wouldn’t have wanted. He claims that Jackson wanted Rowe to have no part in raising the children and said that he was “mother and father” to them. As for Lester, the singer apparently had nothing but kind words to say.

“One day as we walked about his children and Debbie Rowe, he just came out and said that his children were actually fathered by Mark.” Pfeiffer said for the Sunday Mirror, adding that: “Michael felt Mark was one of his closest friends. He said he was a great actor and very good man. He mentioned that he had taken several people’s sperm and decided on Mark.”

Not all of Jackson’s children are that keen on having a new parent, however. While Paris reportedly wants to visit Lester as soon as she’s discharged from the hospital, following her suicide attempt, Prince Michael Jackson has expressed no interest in meeting the actor and reportedly feels perfectly happy under his grandmother, Katherine Jackson’s guardianship.

Paris Jackson, Grauman's Chinese Theatre
The children are reportedly torn over the newly emerged information.

Paris, Prince, Blanket Jackson, Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Paris wants to visit her alleged biological dad. Prince doesn't.